Ibanez Iceman IC400

This is an Ibanez Iceman IC400. It has some damage to the body but it sounds and plays great. I bought it for a KISS tribute show this Halloween. I added the Paul Stanley mirrored peices for the show and then took them off so if you want the mirrored pickguard – truss cover and tail piece set let me know and I’ll throw it in for an extra 25.00. So the guitar was already damaged when I bought it. It has a crack through the finish that goes along the body just under the pick ups and it goes all the way around the back. Also there is a large ding at the top of the headstock and one at the tail of the body. You can’t really see them from a distance and it doesn’t effect the sound or playability of the guitar but that’s why I have such a low starting price on it. These models usually go for around 600.00 to 800.00 so here is your chance to have a cool guitar for cheap. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.