Ibanez IC350

You are looking at a 1994-95 Ibanez Iceman IC-350 model guitar in EXCELLENT condition. This is a pretty rare find – an Iceman with a licensed Floyd Rose (Ibanez) tremolo factory installed. Along with the
tremolo, the guitar is equipped with a locking nut.

You don’t see these for sale very often. This particular guitar is in excellent condition cosmetically, and aside from needing new strings and a tune-up, it plays very nicely.  There are no apparent chips, scratches or blemishes in the finish. It was very well cared for.

Non-factory items include straplocks (and a strap) and an EMG pickup in the bridge position, and transparent “skull” volume/tone knobs.

The reason I have this listed as 94/95 is – the IC-350 was only issued during the 1995 model year. It was no longer available in the 1996 catalog. But the serial number (starting with C4) indicates it was manufactured in 94. My best guess is – this was made in late 94 for the 95 catalog year. I do not doubt the authenticity of this information, as the serial number / model number decal is lacquered to the back of the headstock.

I am listing this as an auction with no reserve – so bid to win. This is an unusual model, and from what I have seen, it is quite rare.