Iceman ICT700

Hey dudes. I picked up this thing last week, but have been too busy to post a thread. More pics are coming, but for now, here’s a picture of me looking like a retard holding it.

I really like everything about it, apart from how it sits in my lap if I’m playing it sitting it down. It seems like the upper bout really presses into the center of my chest.

It’s pretty well balanced, maybe a LITTLE neck-heavy, but it doesn’t dive towards the floor if I let go of the neck like some other guitars I’ve owned.

It’s a neck-thru design, so upper fret access is completely not a problem, and the fretwork is damn good. I’m not even going to say “good for an Indonesian Iceman ICT700,” it’s just good. No buzzing, no sharp ends, and it looks nice and tidy.

The Dimarzio D-Activators that came stock in it freaking SLAY too, and make me want to buy a set for my RGA to replace the EMG’s in it currently. They have a very active sounding tone, but sound much more alive, though I do still prefer the EMG’s for recording, but I think that’s more of an experience issue.

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