Iceman IC300


With 2 Axis humbuckers and a Full Tune II bridge, it’s capable of doing serious sonic damage.

Features: My bandmate bought this guitar a year ago when we played together in a band, and I’ve loved it ever since. To shorten the story up, the band broke up, he became a blus player, bought a semi-hollow and has been trying to sell this wonderfull guitar. He claimed it sounded too heavy. The guitar has a mahogany body, for warm tones, chrome harware, natural sunburst finish, and a a bolt on neck. A fitted hardshell case sosts $130 more.

Sound: The tone is wonderfull, it fits my style perfectly. I’m in a screamo/thrash band (think Dillenger Escape Plan meets Hawthorne Heights and Shadows Fall) and the tone distorts really well. The mahogany body gives it a warm tone, and the AH 1 and 2 pickups refine that sound into something very versatile. When distorted, the pickups have a very defined, cutting tone, and clean they have a very punchy feel to them. The bridge pickup is perfect for rock or metal styled music, with lots of lows, a little midrange punch, and lots of sizzling highs. The bridge is not muddy in the least. Both pickups are very quiet.

Action, Fit & Finish: I have no idea how the guitar was set up from the factory. I do know that the action can be set very low without fret buzz. My friend thought he had the action low, but when he saw what I had done with it he said “I didn’t know any guitar could have action that low.” The intonation is also very very good. My only complaint is that the strap button located on the back, in between the neck bolts, was set too far down, causing it too point straight down when you let go of it. On the other hand, this lets you play the guitar at any angle, I slung down my strap and even played it straight up once.

Reliability & Durability: So far, between me and him, it has only been damaged onceit’s built like a tank. The one thing that did damage it was a 3-5 foot fall straight down onto the neck, causing a small crack (1-2 inches) going up behind the first fret. The crack isn’t even all that deep. This guitar would definitely withstand live playing. The strap buttons are small, the look like they were made to be replaced with strap locks, which I have not done yet. Surprisingly though, it has not fell off of the strap yet, and that’s something with the way I act when I play. I would use this guitar without a backup any day.

Impression: This guitar fits my body perfectly, another plus. I run this guitar through different amp modelers (PODs and V-AMPs) and old tube amps, and the tone is crushing. I’ve been playing for over a year (yeah I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, I know my stuff, my entire life is guitar) and this is by far the best guitar I’ve owned, and I’ve owned many. I usually wind up Trading Y guitars for other guitars from friends, or local bands, but this one’s a keeper. In tone and reliability I would compare this to a Gibson Explorer, or SG, it just has that wild, yet solid tone. My only complaint is I wish the toggle Switch was on the lower part, near the volume, I always hit the swith, and I don’t want to tape it and possibly mark the finish. If stolen I would either buy this guitar, or save up some more money and buy the IC400 with the set-in neck.

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