Ibanez Iceman Black

Description of the Ibanez ICT700 Iceman

With the advent of the X series, Ibanez reintroduced non-traditional guitar shapes back into the mix. These off the wall shapes stand out in a crowd, but they are also excellent examples of form meeting function. The ICT700 is great for hard rock, where thick tones are literally beaten out of the guitar.
Neck-Thru Construction

Neck-thru construction on the ICT700 provides massive sustain and playing comfort.
Gibraltar Custom Bridge & DiMarzio® D Activator™ Pickups

The ICT700 comes standard with a massive milled brass version of the Gibraltar bridge and DiMarzio® D Activator™ Pickups.
Specifications of the Ibanez ICT700 Iceman
Neck Type    5pc Wizard II Maple/Walnut neck-thru
Body    Mahogany wing body
Frets    Jumbo fret
Bridge    Gibraltar Custom bridge
Neck Pickup    DiMarzio D Activator (H) neck pu
Bridge Pickup    DiMarzio D Activator (H) bridge pu
Hardware Colour    Black
Available Finishes    Black
Neck Dimensions     Scale    648mm/25.5″
Width at Nut    43mm
Width at Last Fret    56mm (at 21 F)
Thickness at 1st    19mm
Thickness at 12th    21mm
Radius    400mm

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