Custom Ibanez Iceman

I am making my own custom Ibanez Iceman Hybrid just like Paul & Bruce’s!

I started a few weeks ago but I did not feel that I had done enough with the guitar to post any Pics, but today I spent some time routing out the pocket and making the neck heel, sorry I should explain…

I bought an 80s Ibanez Destroyer off eBay for around $200, it had a custom paint job, and had custom Floyd Rose fitting, but it was shit, the studs were like 2 mm out.

So I decided to turn the existing Destroyer into one of my favourite guitar, Racer X’s custom Ibanez Iceman! Not the best ways of going about making a guitar but that’s the way I decided to make it.
Enough, I have ‘’Gone Too Far ‘’with this explanation, time for some Pics!!

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