Ibanez ICT700

The Ibanez ICT700 electric guitar is the new Ibanez Iceman features neck-thru design. The Ibanez ICT700 Iceman guitar is new for 2008. This top spec guitar has a 5 piece neck-thru body. DiMarzio Activator pickups pump out the vicious tonal characteristics of the ICT700.The headstock is reversed for that extreme look!

Ibanez ICT700 Features:

  • Iceman Model
  • Mahogany Body
  • 5-pcs neck-through Maple /Walnut “WIZARD II” Neck
  • 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Palisander Griffbrett,
  • Reversed Sharktooth Inlays
  • Gibraltar Custom Bridge
  • Black Hardware
  • DiMarzio D-Activator-N Humbucker Neck and DiMarzio D-Activator-B Humbucker Bridge

Iceman Guitar Body

One of my guitar guilty pleasures are the Iceman series solid bodies in particularly the original PS-10s. I really regret selling a mid 90s IC500 that was made in limited numbers and don’t need to spend cash on something like that these days, let alone the coin they want for a PS-10 BUT…

I know someone that has access to a CNC machine and showed me a chambered Tele and real nice Strat body he did for someone. He would be happy to cut me an Iceman body if I can come up with a template. I figure that over time i could aquire parts and given the “luthier apprentice” time I spent in the 90s, put a decent bolt on Iceman together for giggles.

Does anyone HAVE a PDF template (or any template) of a bolt on Iceman that they would be willing to share? It has been several years since I built a guitar, it would be great to throw a project together again and reiminisce about when pointy guitars ruled the earth…

Thanks in advance!!!

Used Ibanez Iceman

Ibanez Iceman Electric Guitar Used condition! A few bumps here and there but works great! I am asking $300 but will accept a reasonable offer. Call or Text me at … Location: West Irondequoit it’s not ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Ibanez Iceman 2

Ibanez Iceman Electric Guitars.  Their copy guitars were so exacting in detail that Gibson sued Ibanez  and by 1983 only 2 models were offered. By the late 

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Ibanez Paul Stanley

The Ibanez Paul Stanley series is a series of electric guitar models produced by Hoshino Gakki, first introduced in 1978 and issued until 1982, reissued in 1995 and ultimately discontinued in 1996. It is the signature guitar series of Paul Stanley, best known for being the rhythm guitarist and co frontman of American rock band Kiss.

All PS models are based on the Ibanez Iceman.

Paul Stanley Guitar Collection

I saw that Paul was offering the smashed guitar experience again on this tour and it brought back such great memories from when I did this last year that I wanted to take a minute to share my experience.

When this was offered last year, my husband and I knew immediately that we just had to do it. Owning a guitar smashed by Paul on stage at the end of a KISS show is the ultimate collectible for the ultimate fan. From the moment I contacted the team, it was a great experience. On the day of the show, we went backstage to meet Paul’s guitar tech. Fran was awesome. We just hung out for a few minutes backstage, talked, and joked a bit. Fran had the guitar with him and handed it to my husband, joking around about how he carries guitars all day and needed a break.

He took us up to the suite area where we would meet Paul. Fran got us some bottled water and we sat on a sofa waiting to meet Paul. Fran took a quick picture of us waiting in the suite and then went to check on Paul. We played with the guitar a bit and just talked excitedly. We had both met Paul before but this time just seemed different. Paul was awesome, as always. It was very relaxed and easy. We had been at the show the night before and Paul commented about remembering us from the night before. We talked with Paul and took a few pictures.

Then it was time to go. We were both beyond ourselves with excitement for the moment when Paul would smash the guitar. I can’t even describe the feeling at the end of Rock n Roll All Nite when Paul walked to the side of the stage and we saw Fran hand him the guitar that we just took pictures with a few hours earlier. Before Paul smashed the guitar, he found us in the audience and pointed to us while holding the guitar up. He kissed the guitar and then smashed it. After the show, Paul dedicated the guitar with the inscription that my husband requested. We met Dean after the show and went backstage to wait for the guitar. The guitar was given to us in Paul’s signature gig bag and Fran had taped the set list from the stage to the back of the guitar. There was even confetti stuck to it! The guitar is now in a display case and is the centerpiece of our collection. You can still see the imprint from Paul’s make-up where he kissed the guitar.

It’s such an indescribable feeling to watch Paul Smash the guitar that you know is going home with you! It was an amazing experience from start to finish and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants the ultimate experience with the ultimate Paul Stanley Guitar Collection to take home!

Thanks to Paul and everyone on the team for this awesome opportunity!

Paul Stanley Guitars

KISS’ Paul Stanley collaborated with Washburn to create his signature series including the cracked mirror top electric guitars. The guitar’s wild “cracked mirror” top enhances a mahogany body. Additonal enhancements include a set mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays, Tune-o-matic-style bridge with stop tailpiece, and dual Randall humbucking pickups. With an eye-catching body shape and killer gloss finish, you’ll want to rock and roll all night with the Paul Stanley mirror top guitar.

The Washburn Paul Stanley collection includes everything from entry level guitars to USA-built solid body and acoustic guitars along with a variety of guitar accessories.

Paul Stanley Ibanez Iceman

The Paul Stanley Ibanez Iceman guitar is brand new replica 1:4 scale (25 cm tall)
Best Quality. no comparison to others, flawless, and made of wood.
NON-playable, and for display/decoration only.
This collectible item is a work of art, NOT a toy.
It comes with a free guitar stand.

Paul Stanley Ibanez

Here are some images of my Ibanez Paul Stanley – PS10 LTD.
I think this axe is one of the greatest rockguitars all over the world !
This guitar was made 1995. Only 100 pieces were made worldwide.

Paul Stanley Iceman Guitar

Most Of These Were Autographed On The Back On The Plastic
Basically The Factory Obviously Sent The Backplates To Paul To Have Them Signed.
This One Is Actually Handsigned On The Front
Obviously Paul Actually Signed This Guitar, Not Just The Back Cavity Cover !!!!