ICT700 Ibanez


Ibanez ICT700 Iceman Electric Guitar (Black)

Move over, Goose and Maverick – the Iceman is back and better than ever! Ibanez’s unique Iceman body shape has been given an update with some sharper angles and small extra flourishes, but that cutting-edge style you know and love is still as unmistakable as ever. The Iceman “cometh” with a mahogany body, jumbo frets, DiMarzio D Activator pickups on the neck and bridge, a Gibraltar Custom bridge and 5-piece Wizard II thru-body neck design for invincible sustain! Case not included.

  • Mahogany body with classic Iceman shape
  • Thru-body maple Wizard II neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 24 jumbo frets
  • DiMarzio D-Activator pickups
  • Volume and Tone knobs with 3-way pickup switch
  • Die cast tuners
  • Gibraltar custom bridge with string-thru body
  • Cosmo Black hardware
  • 25.5″ scale
  • Case not included


Just as the metamorphosis of heavy metal has never stopped, neither do the weapons of engagement. Designed in consultation with numerous artists, the Ibanez X-Series combines originally designed body shape with killer tone and playability. Named after the medieval swords, Falchion, Halberd, Glaive and Xiphos, the X is ready for an all-in frontal assault.

Iceman models now feature DiMarzio® D Activator™ pickups for vicious metal and rock sounds.
Back view of the vicious ICT700 Iceman’s 5pc Maple/ Walnut Wizard II thru-neck.
Fast, slim and ultar-playable Wizard necks
Trem models with Edge III tremolo have the great feel of the original 1987 Edge tremolo, but with a lower profile for more comfort
Thru-body stringing of hard tail models enhance more sustain, tighter tension and superior articulation

White Ibanez Iceman

I’m soon to purchase a WHITE IC300 from the local Guitar Center. This is a factory white model with the logo in black, cream binding, pickguard, and truss cover. As something of an Iceman connoisseur, I’ve only been aware of the IC300 in black, black with the pickguard, and then a very limited run of a navy blue color with pickguard. The guitar is Korean and the serial # is C422414. Can anyone in the know tell me some more about this guitar or/if there are others like it?

Thanks a lot 🙂

Ibanez IC 200


The IC features classic 24.75″ scale length for effortless playability. The bolt-on all-access neck joint allows you to play at the top, a feature typically associated with set-in and neck-thru joints. Mahogany body for rich warm lows and sweet sustain, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware, and Powersound humbuckers.


  • Mahogany body for rich warm lows and sweet sustain
  • All-access bolt-on maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 22 frets
  • Pearl dot inlay
  • 2 Powersound humbucker pickups
  • Chrome hardware

Ibanez IC 400


Ibanez IC400 BK Black


The DTX Destroyer and ICX Iceman are more modern and compact versions of two Ibanez classic rock and roll axes.
There’s no mistaking the Iceman for any other guitar. Definitely not in sight and certainly not in sound. Nothing says or plays rock and roll like the Iceman.


IC (set-in) neck
3pc. Maple Neck Material
Mahogany Body
22/Medium frets
Bound Rosewood Finger Board
BR-EG bridge
IBZ AH1 (H) Neck PU
IBZ AH2 (H) Bridge PU
Iceman parallelogram Inlay


Mahogany Body, Mahogany provides rich warm lows and sweet sustain.

Ibanez IC400 Iceman

The set-neck Ibanez IC400 Iceman with its mahogany/humbucker power is the most easily identifiable radical guitar shape from any distance.

Ibanez IC400 Iceman main features include:

3pc IC set-in neck
Mahogany Body
Medium frets
Full tune III bridge
Quik Change III tailpiece
AH1 (H) neck pu
AH2 (H) bridge pu

The guitar is in excellent condition, as it has never been gigged with. It was used as a rehearsal and recording instrument.

Includes authentic Ibanez hard body carry case.

This particular model, the ic400, has been discontinued and is extremely difficult to find. I am only selling because I do not have enough time do devote to playing guitar anymore.


Ibanez IC400 Review

Ibanez IC400 Review

The body of the guitar has a very crazy, weird, yet cool, shape to it; which is always a plus! Its a very light guitar, so crazy stage tricks arent difficult. The way the fret board plays is smooth and flows well. 9/10

For this guitar being the best in Ibanez’s IC series, it sounds the best, too. Though this guitar sounds amazing, there are others that do sound better. I noticed a much better sound after a year of playing with my Epiphone G-310 (which sounded lower, flat, and bland). Clear and beautiful sounds come out of this baby, thats for sure! 8.5/10

Down Sides:
If you dont have a guitar stand, you will damage the notch-like peice on the bottom of the guitar. The pickup switch is in a very bad spot (for me, anyways) and I end up hitting it from Treble to Rythme on picking up on big chords.

Is It In Your Price Range?:
This guitar costed me $660 brand new in Canadian dollars. If that is something you can afford, I sugest this is soemthing to look at.

Being my dream guitar, I am of course, favoring it. Though there are better sounding guitars (though thats a given) This one is sure amazing. The style is something eles that won me over. Its crazy, cool, yet not uncomfortable to hold while sitting or standing (such like playing a Flying – V sitting down).

Ibanez ICE

  • Year: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: Ibanez
  • Model: Ice Man
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Description: Affordable version of Kiss’s iconic guitar. Complete with high output dual Humbuckers, great tuners and radical shape. Comes with plywood hard shell case to make touring or travel a breeze.

Ibanez Iceman 200

Hey guys. I’m selling my Ibanez Iceman 200. I bought it last year for nearly $400 after taxes. I just bought a Schecter C1 Classic, and would like to sell the Iceman. The Iceman is in great playing. No horrible blemishes. No buzzing frets. No visual or technical defects of any kind. I’ve treated it with great care, and am asking $280 for it. Shipping will be aproximately $25. I will also throw in two packs of Ernie Ball strings (48-11) — my personal favorites.

Ibanez Iceman IC 200


There’s no mistaking the Iceman for any other guitar. Definitely not in sight and certainly not in sound. Nothing says or plays rock and roll like the Iceman. This new Iceman guitar will bring back those chilling days of yesteryear. This IC200 is an affordable, bolt-neck model with Ibanez’ All-Access neck joint, a mahogany body, and Powersound humbuckers for solid power. It has a 24.75 in. scale maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. This neck lends itself to strong rhythm and leads.

The IC features the classic 24.75 in., which lends itself to strong rhythm and leads. The bolt on All Access neck joint allows easy access to the upper frets typically associated with set-in and neck thru joints.