Ibanez IC400 Review

Ibanez IC400 Review

The body of the guitar has a very crazy, weird, yet cool, shape to it; which is always a plus! Its a very light guitar, so crazy stage tricks arent difficult. The way the fret board plays is smooth and flows well. 9/10

For this guitar being the best in Ibanez’s IC series, it sounds the best, too. Though this guitar sounds amazing, there are others that do sound better. I noticed a much better sound after a year of playing with my Epiphone G-310 (which sounded lower, flat, and bland). Clear and beautiful sounds come out of this baby, thats for sure! 8.5/10

Down Sides:
If you dont have a guitar stand, you will damage the notch-like peice on the bottom of the guitar. The pickup switch is in a very bad spot (for me, anyways) and I end up hitting it from Treble to Rythme on picking up on big chords.

Is It In Your Price Range?:
This guitar costed me $660 brand new in Canadian dollars. If that is something you can afford, I sugest this is soemthing to look at.

Being my dream guitar, I am of course, favoring it. Though there are better sounding guitars (though thats a given) This one is sure amazing. The style is something eles that won me over. Its crazy, cool, yet not uncomfortable to hold while sitting or standing (such like playing a Flying – V sitting down).

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